Local Government Elections, 4 May 2017  
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Etholiad Llywodraeth Leol 4 Mai 2017
Lawrlwytho Rhybudd Etholiad  

Walk for Life Sunday 23 April 2017 - sponsored walk to raise funds for Kidney Wales.  An event the whole family can enjoy. Thanks to all who joined  the walk along the Cob to the Traeth Lafan Nature Reserve and back. 

 2016 SANTA DASH - Saturday 17 December 2016 raised £302 in registration fees plus a £40 donation and £123.05 Street Collection.  Big thank you to all who took part and supported the event.

'Cameron has been learning Karate for over 4 years and is currently working towards his Black Belt exam.  He is 12 years old and has worked hard over the last four and a half years, going to classes and practising his Kata's. He is a helpful member of his Karate Club (Pritchard's Martial Arts, Llanfairfechan)'.  Nominated by Sam Davies. 

' Dave has taken kids for football since they started under 7.  It is usual for a coach to stick with their age group and pass the children along to the next coach, but Dave has carried on with the same bunch of boys and girl.  He has worked tirelessly to coach them from the beginning where they were losing sometimes 15 - 0 to now winning matches.  The joy and pride the children have is great to see and is the product of Dave's efforts.  The team are now under 10's and a number of them have been selected to play for Conwy Academy, a direct result of Dave's coaching and mentoring.  I think he deserves this award for his tenacity to this community team'.  Nominated by Mrs Justine Grew.

FIREWORKS DISPLAY COLLECTION - This year's event raised £456.66 towards the Mayor's 2016-17 charity Alzheimer's Society.

CONSULTATION RESPONSE ON PROMENADE CAR PARK - Town Council printed 1,500 consultation letters.  Delivery was by hand with the goodwill of Town Councillors and help of volunteers.  The Co-op Store and the Community Library agreed to have leaflets and collection boxes.  Response could either be by return of hard copy or via email. 580 responses were returned.  Plus 21 spoiled/incomplete.  Of the 580 responses 52 were received via email.  Responses signed by 2 0r more have been counted as individual votes. Three residents were unable to respond as they felt that both options were not acceptable or insufficient information had been supplied.
OPTION 1 Pay & Display- 309 (53.3%)
OPTION 2 Free Parking Proposal - 271 (46.7%)
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