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12th February 2020

Promenade Car Park Update

Llanfairfechan Town Council and CCBC are aware of the need to refurbish and redesign the the layout of the Promenade car park. The car park currently belongs to CCBC but we are working in partnership to broker a good solution and are preparing a joint funding bid which will look at all options. There will be an opportunity for residents to give their opinion and suggestions before any changes take place.  The Town Council will be discussing the matter at our meeting on Wednesday 4th March and residents are welcome to send in comments or attend the meeting.

The works traffic and fenced areas on the car park are for flood risk construction work on the Coastal Pathway and to support the change of streelighting to LED lampposts - please take care when using the area during this period of time.

7th February 2020

Nant Pandy Car Park Consultation report

Background information & current status

  1. It was agreed that Town Council would consult with residents to gather opinion on Nant Pandy parking spaces and the need to keep the extra 6 spaces that had been developed when the major works were undertaken. 
  2. To progress, Town Council will need to take on ownership of the car park and protect the spaces as resident’s motor car parking only.  CCBC have said they will help us through the process, but we need evidence that residents want this to happen
  3. 100 paper questionnaires were delivered to houses and 12 were returned
  4. 48 questionnaires received online (45 English and yn Gymraeg)
    Data Analysis:
  1. Of the 60 survey responses, 36 answered yes to the question ‘Do you feel more parking spaces are needed at Nant Pandy car park area?’
  2. The following information was collected on number of cars owned by respondents:

0 cars


1 car


2 cars


3 cars


More than 3 cars


Did not answer



  1. Many respondents used the comments section and comments were as follows:

Important not to get rid of more green space as part has already gone, important to preserve wildlife area


                Get rid of the trailers, boats and caravans and have it just for cars and Vans


The parking on Mill Road needs sorting also especially by the pubs. The current situation is quite dangerous, and many people have concerns over drink driving by those who park on the road to access the pubs.

Parking should be for everyone not residents only

People have been leaving untaxed cars boats etc making parking difficult at times, so any extra spaces would be appreciated, at weekends visiting walkers often park there.

Hopefully this will free up some space for Mill Road.


We visit friends who live near Nant y Pandy & the parking is always a challenge. It must be tea difficult if you’re a resident so more space would make sense. Many of the houses here are pre- two car properties hence the lack of parking space.

My daughter -in-law always uses the car park as they are, of necessity, a two-car family. The extra parking would be very welcome.

No caravans, mobile homes, boats (1 there with hazardous tow hitch at present) no large commercial vehicle. Defined spaces.


                It may be helpful to define parking bays in some way, although appreciate this would significantly increase cost

Safety, stop parking on pavements. Safety for residents



Although I live in the bottom village, I frequently visit friends in Valley Road and find great difficulty in parking. This creates a problem for me as my husband has a chronic illness and finds it hard to walk from the Promenade to the Valley Road

                Need to alleviate parking problem on valley road, especially as it is so narrow in parts.

Additional spaces on the car park would hopefully result in fewer cars parked outside houses on Valley road.

Green space needs to be kept as it is there have been vehicles left there for years - if they’re moved there’d be more space

The road just below the Pandy car park is very narrow and becomes dangerous when cars/vans are forced onto the pavement in order to pass parked cars.

                Having seen the parking problems in the Nant Pandy area, I believe the extra spaces would help to alleviate the situation. Many residents in that area have no parking provision at all. I used to live in Nant y Felin broadband I saw first-hand the difficulties faced by the residents local to that specific area.


It is really helpful to have organised parking space to keep the narrow roads clearer. We have mobility impaired relatives that visit, and we like to be able to park our cars at NantyPandy car park when they visit, so that our visitors can use the road parking closer to our house.

Visit friends up there it's a nightmare

Maybe more information on nant y coed, previous uses, wildlife that lives there for kids.

I live off valley Road and extra car spaces for Pandy residents will make driving safer as there will be less congestion on valley road make if safer

The whole area is much improved. More parking to needed to stop drivers parking on the pavements coursing walkers with prams having to walk in the road.

No good enough access at present time for any emergency vehicles

                It is very unhelpful that people use the carpark as permanent storage for broken down vehicles, boats, trailers etc.


                I rarely take my car up Valley Road as I find it very difficult to park and am always worried I will have to drive on the pavement to get up the road.

An extension on the car park is much needed.


                The number of cars per household has obviously come up over the years, and this combined with the size of cars getting larger compared to the sizes say 30 odd years ago, results in nowhere for residents to park their vehicles, and the added size often means that effectively valley road is turned in to one way road. Very often I see large vehicles having to mount the pavement to pass parked cars. Added car parking spaces would certainly help. The only further way to help would be to encourage residents with a drive to use them rather than the road.

Sometimes we can't park on the road outside our house as we don't have a drive. We either have to park further up the road, or sometimes as far as the Nant Y Pandy car park & walk back down. I don't invite my disabled parents to visit often as there is so little parking available, & it makes it difficult to have friends over too. Some people on the street own several cars even though they have a drive, thus taking up valuable space & pushing people up to the car park which is often full. The car park definitely needs the extra spaces. People with boats or off-road vehicles etc need to be asked to move them. If anything it needs even more spaces please!

At the meeting of 22nd January 2020, Llanfairfechan Town Council agreed that, following the responses from residents, contact should be made with CCBC to progress the handover of the are to Llanfairfechan Town Council and that planning permission be sought for the extra spaces that have been left in place after roadworks.  We hope that these decisions will contribute to easing the pressure of the area with regards to parking. 

Any comments for consideration by Town Council can be emailed to jayne@ or posted to Llanfairfechan Community Hall Village Road Llanfairfechan Conwy LL330AB

All comments to CCBC should be directed through

December 2019

Update on emergency works on Valley Road

Llanfairfechan Town Council have received the following information from CCBC:

There is to be a continuation of the emergency road closure on Valley Road, Llanfairfechan, which also extends on to Mount Road.

The reason for the road closure is to facilitate urgent works to a failed culvert that was at imminent risk of collapse.  MWT Civil Engineering will return to site on Monday 6th January 2020 and complete the required works; it is anticipated that the works will be completed no later than Tuesday 21st January 2020.

We thank you all for your patience and look forward to the completion of this important piece of work.


Update on A55 Junction Works Project

Llanfairfechan Town Council have been informed that there has been a delay to next stage of development and preparation of the draft Orders is proving a bigger task than expected. Please note that publication of draft Orders for the junction improvements is now expected in March 2020

The project team are keeping in contact with Llanfairfechan Town Council and will be updating on any progress. 




Celebrating a very special birthday

Our Mayor recently attended a special 100th birthday party for Llanfairfechan resident, Ina Davies.  Family and friends had travelled from far and wide to share in the celebrations.  Mrs Davies stated her secret to a long and youthful life had been holidays, travelling the world and dancing.  

Mayor Delohne Merrell said “It was a very real pleasure to meet Mrs Davies. “She is such an amazing person, so lively and so interesting to talk to and with an amazing family. “


2019 Grants celebration event

At the Full Town Council Meeting 4th December, Llanfairfechan Town Council welcomed representatives of village organisations to receive 2019 grants and attend our celebration reception.  Congratulations to all the organisations who have benefitted this year and we extend our thanks for all the excellent community work that is taking place in our village. 


Photographs can be viewed on our Facebook page I Ddathlu Llanfairfechan Celebrates 


Llanfairfechan Jetty Gates - update

Llanfairfechan Town Council are pleased to announce that CCBC and Town Council have agreed terms to offer a solution to the problem of beach access during winter months.

Our jetty gates will now remain open unless there is forecast storm or high tide.  The floodgates at Llanfairfechan protect 73 properties (residential and business) from coastal flooding. CCBC look at a combination of factors to decide when to close the gates, including high tide heights, wind gust strength and the direction of the wind.  When there is a perceived risk to the Promenade and dwellings on the front, the gates will be closed and then reopened once the risk has reduced. Llanfairfechan Town Council have agreed to pay call out and CCBC have offered a reasonable price to allow this process to take place. 

Our thanks to Cllr Carol Gell who has worked tirelessly to ensure that this matter was addressed.  We would also like to thank the CCBC Flood Risk Managment team for helping us to meet the health and well being needs of residents and visitors to Llanfairfechan. 


Town Mayor Delohne Merrell and Llanfairfechan Town Council are very saddened to read the statement from North Wales Police detailing the tragic air incident that has occurred in the last 48 hours. Our heartfelt thoughts are with Professor David Last’s family at this distressing time.


Llanfairfechan Town Council statement on  the Conwy County Borough Council local Development Plan 

Llanfairfechan Town Council have been actively involved in all aspects of the the Conwy County Borough Council Local Development Plan (LDP) process and have challenged many aspects; working to ensure that resident opinion is being considered.

Ultimately the responsibility for LDP development lies with Conwy County Borough Council and we have been notified the figure now being discussed for any proposed Cae Ffynnon development would not go beyond 250. They have confirmed no houses can be built until the school is built and other infrastructure matters are resolved. It must also be recognised this is in early planning stages and that no decisions have been made.

There is a Housing Need Consultation due to be posted to all residents in the new year. We would urge all residents to give their views and Town Council will again have a session in the Co-op to answer any questions.


      Llanfairfechan Town Council thanks everyone who joined us for our 2019 Ecumenical Service

                                 Llanfairfechan Community Remembrance Day Parade and Ecumenical Service at the Cenotaph

           ***Stop Press***  We can announce that £581.00 was raised from the sale of wreaths for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. 

           We thank everyone for their support and if you would like to order a wreath next year please contact the Town Clerk on 01248681697


Llanfairfechan Fireworks 1st November 2019

Llanfairfechan Town Council would like to thank everyone who helped with organising and supporting the    LlanfairfechanFireworks 2019. We hope everyone agrees it was a fantastic night and we all look forward to more opportunities for a community get together in the future. Special thank you to Brian at Festival Fireworks for a brilliant display!

*** Stop Press *** We can announce that £339.59 was raised in donations to the Mayor's Local Charity fund.  This money will be added to the s137 Grants to Local (Llanfairfechan) Groups funding pot. 




Updated project plans for A55 Junction works

The project team attended the Town Council meeting on 18th September and presented the updated plans.  The presentation can be found here:

A55 Project presentation

A55 Project map

Further details:

engineering 1

engineering 2

engineering 3

Please contact  the Town Clerk if you have any queries about the project


Have you ever thought of being a councillor?

Town Councillors receive a £150.00 per year remuneration to help cover any costs for their work in the community and care allowances are also available where appropriate. 

If you are passionate about the future of your community, please think about standing in the 2022 local elections!

Welsh Government have produced a video that may be of interest and it can be viewed here:


Extra Consultation Session for LDP Preferred Strategy

***S137 Grant applications 2019/20 are open for submission*** 

Downloadable grant form

Downloadable word version grant form

Please note that the S137 grant applications for 2019/20 are now open and we invite applications from voluntary organisations providing activities in Llanfairfechan.  

These organisations are stated in Act to be  ‘a body which is not a public body but whose activities are carried on otherwise than for profit’. 

Applications need to be in by Monday September 23rd 2019 and will be considered at the Town Council meeting Wednesday 2nd October 2019. 

If you require any further information, please do contact or phone 01248 681697 Monday Wednesday Friday 9am – 1pm.   

***Extra Local Development Plan Drop In Session at Llanfairfechan Community Hall***

Please take this extra opportunity to come and see the documents under discussion for the Revised Local Development Plan.  This process will affect the future of housing in Llanfairfechan and so it is important to share your comments and concerns about anything related to the proposals

Monday 4th September 5pm-8pm in the Main Hall at Llanfairfechan Community Hall





Llanfairfechan Celebrates

Our annual event Llanfairfechan Celebrates 2019 was held on Saturday July 27th and was a great success.  There were over 40 stands advertising activities and sessions that are available in the village and Town Twinning raised over £100 for their project by selling low cost refreshments.  Everyone agreed that it is a good opportunity to network and share in celebrating the village.


Mayor for 2019 / 2020 Cllr Delohne Merrell

We are pleased to announce that our Mayor Elect Cllr Delohne Merrell will be holding her Inauguration on Sunday 8th September at 2pm in Llanfairfechan Community Hall.  This will be followed by afternoon tea with music and dance provided by Medi Williams Ballroom Dance Emporium. 



A55 Junction Improvement Project

Resident information about the upcoming Public Exhibitions on the A55 Improvement works will be distributed as from Monday 17th June - all residents will receive communication from Welsh Government and posters will be available at Llanfairfechan Community Hall and Library. 

Follow the link below to download a high quality leaflet that can be zoomed into for examination of details on the plan.

PDF Quality Poster

The Public Exhibition will be held in Llanfairfechan on Thursday 27h June 10am - 8pm at Llanfairfechan Community Hall.  Residents are urged to come along to find out about the plans and ask questions of the project team. 



Llanfairfechan Town Council have been notified of the Option D choice for the A55 junction improvement works.  Information can be found here:

We recognise this work is being undertaken by Welsh Government to improve the reliance and sustainability of the whole North Wales coast and that this work is seen as essential to future developments.  Whilst safe and efficient access for the region is vitally important, we are keen to ensure that our resident’s wellbeing is protected and request that community impact is a high priority within the decision making process. 

Housing is at a premium in Llanfairfechan and we would ask that measures are put in place to ensure that housing, in particular social housing, is not lost within the village whatever option is considered. A further concern is resident safety – it is very important that the Option D junction choice leads to village road layouts that protect residents using the schools, GP surgery, churches  and other services along Penmaenmawr Road. 

As the next stage of the project is delivered, we are keen to assist with further communication and information sessions with the project team to ensure that the best possible solutions are found.  We have already been involved in making arrangements for a further public information meeting to be held at Llanfairfechan Community Hall in June 2019


Get to know your local PCSO 

We are very pleased to announce that there are to be monthly drop in sessions with PCSO Sara and other organisations in the Lloyd Hughes Room at the Community Hall.  The first one will be on Wednesday 20th February at 10am.  If you are unable to attend, please do email any comments or concerns to the Town Clerk 

 PCSO Poster 


Lets Play - Llanfairfechan Town Council Play Consultation

2019 is going to be an important year for play in Llanfairfechan.  We know that the play facilities in Llanfairfechan need updating but we need to know what residents of all ages would like in the village.  Join us for our first consultation morning on Saturday 9th February starting in the Town Twinning Coffee Morning 10am.  We will be around the village all morning, please see the poster for details: 

Lets Play Poster                                                                                              


Light Up Llan

Congratulations to the Light Up Llan team - yet again it was a fantastic village event. Over 65 people came to see our stall and respond to our play consultation.  We also sold a lot of dog poo bags and this money will allow us to continue to provide emergency dispensers across the village.

Annual Firework Display

After being posponed due to storm warnings on Friday 9th November, the display went ahead on Monday 12th November, despite quite a soggy night.  Thanks to the guys from Festival Fireworks - the display was splendid!  Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Mayors fund for village projects.  A total of £169.59 was collected

Llanfairfechan Remembrance Sunday

There was excellent attendance at for ecumenical community service at the cenotaph and over 31 organisations laid wreaths in memory of fallen comrades.  A highlight of the morning was the laying of crosses by Guides and Brownies - they had written some very moving tributes.  Thanks to the Guide and Brownie Leaders for working with the group to arrange this.  We were also pleased to be part of the There but Not There art project which was funded by the Armed Covenant Fund. Thank you to all the speakers and contributors and we do hope you will be able to join us for next year's service.  A planning meeting will take place on Friday 14th Septmber 2019 at 11am in the Council Chamber - all welcome.  

Llanfairfechan Carnival

Thank you to the carnival committee for an brillant community event.  We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet and chat about ideas for the village and recieved some great feedback and ideas for future work in the village.  Watch this space for future developments! Llanfairfechan Carnival Committee have a Facebook page at Llanfairfechan Town Carnival

Llanfairfechan Celebrates

This event showcased organisations & businesses providing services in Llanfairfechan. TV Conwy was in attendance and their volunteers recorded videos and photos of the event.  Feedback was very positive and so it is hoped this will become an annual event.  In fact we have pencilled in Saturday 8th June for our 2019 Llanfairfechan Celebrates. Please spread the word and book a stand early to avoid disappointment as we had over 50 organsiations exhibiting last year.  All videos and information can be found on Facebook at I Ddathlu Llanfairfechan Celebrates